Spend the Day at Point State Park

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Pointe State Park, near our community, HeinzLofts, is home to 54,000 native plants that would’ve been seen on the property in the mid-18th century. They include honey locusts, hydrangeas, and hay-scented ferns. Along with beautiful scenery, Point State Park also offers: Fishing  Don’t forget your fishing rod as you can catch a variety of fish such […]

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Explore the Carnegie Museum of Natural History


A short drive from Heinz Lofts is the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. It’s one of the top five natural history museums in the country and thousands of visitors have walked through its doors since 1896. You can enjoy a variety of exhibits such as: Hall of African Wildlife The Hall of African Wildlife exhibit tells the […]

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Visit The Andy Warhol Museum


Campbell’s Soup Cans, Triple Elvis, and a portrait of Maurice… what do they all have in common? Actually, they have two things in common that most would not guess. They were all pieces of art created by Andy Warhol and they all reside close to the Heinz Lofts in beautiful Pittsburgh–his hometown! The Andy Warhol Museum (AWM) […]

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